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Squib FX Air Powered Rig

Squib FX Air Powered Rig

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Squib FX Air Powered Rig.

Creating realistic bullet hits for film is a breeze with the Squib FX Air Powered Rig. Unlike traditional squib rigs, which require dangerous explosive pyrotechnics, The Squib FX Air Powered Rig is entirely air powered, so you won't need a pyrotechnician or additional permits.

Safe And Easy To Use

By harnessing the power of condensed air, the Squib FX Rig can be safely operated by just about anyone with only a few minutes of preparation.

Each Rig Contains

  • An air tank.
  • Tubing.
  • Ten velcro straps to attach the tank and tubing to the actor.
  • A 60mL syringe (to load the blood).
  • An 8oz of blood.
  • A small hand pump fills the tank with air.

How To Use
The tank can be concealed under loose-fitting clothing or attached to a part of the body that does not appear on camera. Then, the actor uses a battery-powered ignition switch to fire the rig.

The user can fine-tune the power of each shot by adding air pressure to the rig or by adding blood to the rig. The Squib FX Air Powered Rig comes out of the box with everything you need!

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