Blank Ammo Q&A

What is blank ammunition? 

Blank ammunition is a type of firearm cartridge that contains no bullet. Blanks are essentially firearm casings that are loaded with powder and either crimped or sealed shut with a wax plug or fibrous disk. Most blanks also contain a primer. Firearms loaded with blanks will create a loud bang and visible flash, but will not discharge a projectile.

Is blank ammo dangerous? 

While less dangerous than live ammunition, blank ammo can cause serious injury and even death when improperly used. Firearms loaded with blanks must never be pointed at another person or animal. Blanks can cause permanent hearing damage and the residue from the unburnt gun powder can cause eye injury. Hearing and eye protection are strongly recommended.

What is blank ammo used for?

Blank ammo is used for a wide variety of applications, from theater, film and television to law enforcement training, oil exploration, animal training, and wildlife management. Blank cartridges can also be used to launch grenades, golf balls, and flares.

Is blank ammo legal?

In the United States, blank ammo is legal for adults over 18 to possess. 

How is blank ammo shipped?

Blank ammo is considered a dangerous good (hazmat), and must be shipped via UPS or FedEx ground. We cannot expedite blank ammo shipments.

Can blank ammo be shipped to California?

Yes, blank ammo can be shipped to California. California laws regarding the sale of ammunition specifically exempt blanks.

Can blank ammo be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii?

Unfortunately we cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any overseas US territory (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam).

How long will my order take to arrive?

In-stock orders will ship by the following business day. Your order will ship ground from our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Orders to the West Coast take 1-3 days. Orders to the Mountain West take 1-3 days. Orders to the Midwest take 3-4 days. Orders to the East Coast take 4-5 days. Orders in Southern California, Southern Nevada and parts of Arizona typically arrive the following business day.



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