What is blank ammo?

What is blank ammo?

Blank ammunition is a type of firearm cartridge that features a casing loaded with powder, but without any type of bullet or projectile. The powder is typically contained within the casing by either crimping the end of the cartridge or with some type of wadding.

Why do people use blank ammo?

Discharging blank ammo in a firearm will result in a loud bang, simulating the sound of live gunfire without the dangers of live projectiles. It is commonly used in television and film production as well as historical reenactments, sporting events, police and military training, honor guard ceremonies, wildlife management, dog training, and mounted shooting competitions.

Is blank ammo dangerous?

Although blank ammo is far safer than live ammunition, special care and precaution must be used. Blank ammo contains powerful explosives and misuse can and has caused injury and even death. The gas pressure created by discharging blank ammo can create maiming injuries. Blank ammunition must never be discharged in the direction of another human or animal. Hearing and eye protection are strongly recommended.

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