How to use 9mm PAK Blank Ammunition

How to use 9mm PAK Blank Ammunition

Today we're going to talk about the use and functionality of 9mm PAK cartridges for use in 9mm blank-firing pistols.

A blank pistol is a firearm cartridge that creates a visible flash and explosive sound but does not contain a projectile. A 9mm PAK stage blank is a blank cartridge specifically designed for blank-firing semi-auto pistols used on stage and screen.

Blank 9mm PAK ammunition functions in many ways just like live ammo. Each cartridge is inserted into a magazine which is then inserted into the firearm. Release the safety and pull back the slide. The gun is now ready to fire.

When the trigger is pulled, a firing pin will strike the primer, which is a small cup loaded with an explosive charge. This will ignite powder housed in the brass casing, causing a louder secondary explosion. It is this explosion that gives blanks their signature bang and flash.

The pressure generated by this explosion will cause the spent cartridge to eject and will advance the next cartridge into the chamber. Each pull of the trigger will advance the following cartridge into place. You will know all cartridges have been fired when the slide does not return to its original position.

9mm PAK Blank Ammo from Western Stage Props

In the United States, blank-firing replicas are not considered firearms and can be purchased by adults in most jurisdictions without paperwork or background checks.

Once loaded, a blank gun should be treated like a live gun and should never be pointed at another person or animals.

While blank rounds are considered far safer than live ammo, improper use can result and injury and even death. The concussive force produced by blank cartridges is enough to break skin and bones. Hearing and eye protection are strongly recommended.

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