How to use .380 (9mm RK) blank ammunition

How to use .380 (9mm RK) blank ammunition

The .380 stage blank (also known as 9mm RK) is one of the most common blank cartridges used today. They are designed specifically for blank-firing revolvers commonly used in theatrical productions. The .380 stage blank has the same diameter as a .38 special cartridge. Therefore, it will chamber in real .38 and .357 revolvers as well as in blank-firing replicas.
Example of .380 (9mm RK) stage blanks

Because of their versatility, .380 stage blanks are used for various applications, from the theater, television, and film to animal training, wildlife management, track and field events, and more.

To use .380 blanks in a double-action revolver, simply open the cylinder of your firearm and load a cartridge in each chamber. If using a live-firing revolver, please inspect the gun's barrel before loading to be sure it is clear of obstructions.
A blank-firing revolver with the cylinder open
Close the cylinder. The gun will now be ready to fire. Take care to point the firearm in a safe direction. Never fire directly at people or animals. Blank cartridges contain the same explosive forces as real ammunition and can cause serious injury if misused. Hearing and eye protection are strongly recommended.

There are two methods of firing a double-action revolver. You can cock the hammer back in advance for easy firing, or you can simply pull the trigger hard enough that the hammer cocks back and fires on its own. Please note that the second method requires significantly more force.

If using a single-action revolver, the method is somewhat different but the principles are the same. Cock the hammer to the first position so that the cylinder will rotate freely. Next, load each chamber of the firearm. Cock the hammer into the second position. The revolver will be ready to fire once in the second position, so you must follow this next instruction carefully. With a thumb maintaining contact with the hammer, gently depress the trigger and carefully return the hammer to the closed position.

When ready to fire your single-action revolver, point the firearm safely away from people and animals. Cock the hammer to the second position and pull the trigger. The firing pin will strike the primer of the cartridge, and the firearm will discharge.

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